A diamond’s color usually refers to how clear or yellow the stone is.  Diamonds come in a variety of colors such as black, brown, green, or pink. These stones are known as “fancy diamonds,” but most people are looking for a stone that is completely colorless when it comes to an engagement ring.

Color Grading

Diamond color is usually graded on a GIA scale ranging from D, colorless, to Z, strong yellow.  Diamonds graded in the D, E, or F range are usually very hard to tell apart to the human eye.  Sometimes the AGS scale is used.  In this case 0 is colorless and 10 is yellow.

To really see the difference in diamond color, it is highly recommended that you visit a local jeweler to see first hand the color difference. Be sure to select several diamonds of similar size, and compare their colors over a black or white cloth.


The price of the diamond will be affected by how clear the stone is.  The more clear the diamond, the more money you will pay.  However, this does not hold true for a diamond that is very yellow.  These are in the category of “fancy diamond” and can be very marketable and expensive.  Some people actually prefer a slight yellow tint in the diamond.  For these people, great deals await.


There is one other color characteristic known as fluorescence.  This characteristic has been described as a blue tint in the diamond and that the tint can be seen under a UV light.  Diamonds with a strong fluorescence are usually cheaper because it can cause some colorless stones to look cloudy.  Some fluorescence can be helpful though.  If a diamond is graded in the range G-I, a little fluorescence will actually cancel out some of the yellow color and because the diamond has a grading that indicates it is not colorless, the customer can end up with a much better price.